Q. What is Chillar Games ?

A. Chillar Games is a platform that caters to video gamers and to those that wish to develop games.

Q. What services does Chillar Games offer ?

A. The company offers game strategies, game designs, game development and launch marketing solutions.
Chillar Games has a bunch of enticing games that can be downloaded to play.

Q. How to start my game development project ?

A. Great, if that is your goal, all you need is an innovative idea, our development team will second you in building an addictive gaming experience.

Q. What is the standard process for game development ?

A. A game is good only if there’s a great story told. So a Game has to be developed like a movie.

Here’s our process.


Concept and theme of the game
Preparation of Project Plan
Architecture Design

Testing & QA


Q. Why is Chillar Games one of the best game development companies in India ?

A. While we are proud of our skillset the actual secret is that we all grew up on games.
Years of binge-playing is what our development, design, marketing and sales teams bring on to the table.

Q. Do you have samples for game development ?

A. Feel free to check out the OUR GAMES page.

Q. What Genres does Chillar Games develop ?

A. We specialise in various genres like Action, Adventure, Role-play, Simulation, Strategy, Sports, Party, Sandbox, Scientific studies and many more.

Q.How is game design different from game development ?

A.In simple terms game design is the ideas part and game development is the programming part.

Q.How Do I sign up for the games ?

A. There’s no sign up for Chillar Games.
Simply download any Game(s) on Google Play Store or the APP Store and play your heart out.

Q.Are the games age agnostic ?

A.Yes, only for those with a heart to play.

Q.Does it cost anything to download ?

A. Nope, downloads are completetly free.

Q.Is Chillar Games Legal ?

A. Chillar Games is legal, given that they are considered games of skill. Skill-based gaming has a well-established legal, social and commercial history.

Q.How do I upgrade my Games ?

A.You automatically get notifications on the app as and when there are new versions.

Q. Do you develop games for all mobile platforms  ?

A. Be it IOS, Android or Windows platform, we are just a phone call and couple of coffees away from getting kick started.